Marjory Harris is dedicated to helping injured workers get well, return to work and receive fair treatment


The Law Offices of Marjory Harris have handled all types of cases from accidents, repetitive stress injuries, and career-ending work injuries for over 35 years.

You need an attorney who specializes in workers’ compensation, fights for your rights, and works with you to get the best possible results. This is our commitment. You also need an attorney who keeps you informed of your case status and strategy.

You need an attorney who is informed on all the latest developments in workers' compensation law and practice. Marjory Harris is the publisher and editor of, a free public research tool serving the entire workers' compensation community. Please visit there to learn the latest trends in the law and explore the A-Z topics.

Our Loma Linda office is at 11634 Cielo Lane, Loma Linda, CA 92354, near the Mountain View exit. We appear at Workers' Compensation Appeals Board offices in various locations. Call (909) 801-2884 or for fastest response, email Marjory Harris.

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